Career Coaching

Discover what you really want from your career and take the steps you need to get there, with the help of an experienced and qualified career coach.

When it comes to career coaching, the possibilities are endless. Whether you need help with decision making, career development planning, performance improvement, or job search, effective career coaching equips you with everything you need to find success and happiness in your work.

What can I expect?

By using established career coaching techniques to clarify your goals and build your confidence, I can help you with the following and more:

Practical Job Search Help and Advice

  • Discover what you really want and how to get it.
  • Develop your understanding of your target roles and the steps required to reach them.
  • Learn to optimise your use of modern-day job-search tools like LinkedIn, to help you find work, attract prospective employers and boost your personal brand.
  • Gain tips on how to interview well and impress prospective employers.
  • Plan every step of your job search or career transition, and hold yourself accountable for your progress.

Career Development and Job Satisfaction

  • Take charge of your life and career by working on your goal-clarity, confidence, strategy planning and execution skills.
  • Increase your self-awareness and build a personal, professional brand that reflects your strengths and values.
  • Get the recognition you deserve by mastering your motivation and excelling in your work.
  • Understand what you need to thrive in your working environment, and honestly assess whether your current position can deliver that.

Craft the career of your dreams